All the Windwracked Stars

Who has read All the Windwracked Stars? I've read it once, but, as is customary for me with Bear's books, there are still some things I'm confused about that might require more readings to figure out. I may actually have to take notes, or something. If anyone wants to have a spoilery chat about it in the comments, that would awesome.

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Side Note: A Play about Marlowe...

Apparently there is a play about Marlowe written in '92 by Peter Whelan, called "The School of Night." It's just premiering in the US and there was a write up in the L.A. Times, which is how I heard about it. Review isn't promising, but I may try and see it, if I can...


cool costume design illustration of marlowe for the play:


Some scenes from the play here:

Flail, Squee

Dust E-book available!

I got this from FictionWise today:

TITLE: Dust by Elizabeth Bear
PRICE: US$6.99 CATEGORY: Science Fiction
EPUBLISHER: Bantam Books/Bantam Books
DESCRIPTION: On a broken ship orbiting a doomed sun, dwellers have
grown complacent with their aging metal world. But when a serving girl
frees a captive...

Yay for E-Books! Now we arehave six - Jenny Books, Carnival, Undertow, and Dust.

Who do I have to bribe or sleep with to get the rest as E-books? Would writing letters to the publishers help, do you think? I hate missing out! *grrr*

EB Fangirls "r" us,

Elizabeth Bear signing

Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette (her coauthor for A Companion to Wolves), Patricia McKillip, and a number of other authors are doing a signing in Albany, NY on November 4th. Details/directions/other signings here.
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