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18 December 2007 @ 01:50 pm
Dust E-book available!  
I got this from FictionWise today:

TITLE: Dust by Elizabeth Bear
PRICE: US$6.99 CATEGORY: Science Fiction
EPUBLISHER: Bantam Books/Bantam Books
DESCRIPTION: On a broken ship orbiting a doomed sun, dwellers have
grown complacent with their aging metal world. But when a serving girl
frees a captive...

Yay for E-Books! Now we arehave six - Jenny Books, Carnival, Undertow, and Dust.

Who do I have to bribe or sleep with to get the rest as E-books? Would writing letters to the publishers help, do you think? I hate missing out! *grrr*

EB Fangirls "r" us,